Thursday, March 27, 2014

Alright, guys, let’s get serious. Who out there has tried to grow vegetables? Tricky, huh? Well, imagine the difficulty in doing it on a massive scale, for the food stocks that supply thousands of people. Imagine what one bad drought, one intense flood, can do to months of work. Imagine your livelihood, your family, maybe even you survival, being dependent on the whims of the weather. This is the conflict faced by farmers worldwide every day. That’s the reason behind, and the origin of, Smart SoilTM

It’s rather tricky one to describe what this one does without the usual science talk that goes into the reports given to me. But to put it in layman’s terms: this new product is a chemically and environmentally balanced potting Soil created by our Think Tank scientists. A soil which regulates its own temperature.

This is Bob, from our research and testing team. Hi, Bob!

What does this mean, exactly? Well, let’s say we put a pot of this soil out in the Gobi, under the most extreme heat conditions, and poured water on it. Normally, this would result in evaporation, but not with Smart SoilTM!  Smart Soil can retain and regulate its water content. In other words heat or cold doesn’t matter with this new little invention of ours.

 As for how it works… well it’s a lot of science sounding mumbo jumbo to me, but from what I gather there's an adaptive substance within the soil that helps it regulate the temperature. It in no way affects the food itself, and currently works best for growing root crops, such as potatoes and carrots, as their growth mostly takes place below ground. Of course it’s not yet quite as possible to protect anything growing out of said soil without having to modify it in some way, something that we here at New Light try to avoid in order to bring you the most natural products possible. Still, we believe that once we’ve completed the testing stages we will be able to develop enough of this soil to provide it to those places that suffer both harsh heat and cold.

Sample fields in the North of America.
You might be saying, “Well that’s great, Becky, but if they don’t have any water in the first place, they’ll still be out of luck, right?” Well normally you would be correct, but as a special promotion all product recipients in need of this little invention to help supplement a food supply will be provided with enough water to last an entire crop cycle. And since the soil can retain water and the contained substance can regulate the amount of water within the soil, they’ll need never to water it more than once a cycle. This little invention will revolutionize farming forever. Just another work of genius brought to you by us here at New Light Incorporated. Call us sappy, if you like!

And that’s all I have to tell you, today. Remember we care about you. Here’s to a better tomorrow for everyone.

-Rebecca Forrest, New Light Media 

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  1. Sounds cool! So how long will it take to grow carrots with those?