Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Logo Contest Over

So we've been thinking, down here at the offices... Let's open up our shiny new website, with a shiny new logo! But of course, we don't do things by halves here at New Light.

Following an intense competition a final New Light Logo design has been chosen by our founder and creative genius, Bethany! We opened our contest up primarily to students and young professionals and it was a touch race to the finish!

Congratulations to Mr. E. Shields of Philadelphia on your selection. Prepare to see your design on all of our billboards, advertisements, legal records and our inter-office (ecologically and environmentally sound, of course) stationary! (PS: I'm getting it on a T-shirt too! Yay for Blog-Management Assistant Perks!) We hope your prize money helps you through your final years at University.

Design copyrighted to Mr. E Shields and the New Light Industries, 2014, duplication prohibited.
Eric's winning design.

1 comment:

  1. Uh...I don't get the logo. What does it represent? It's pretty cool though. I like it.